Friday, January 24, 2014

New collaborative poem with Val Witte on Dusie

Thanks so much to Dusie and guest editor Carrie Hunter for publishing the collaborative poem I wrote with Val. Because I like poem-archeology, I will say that this poem was braided together by Val and I during a year in which shared some wretched travails with intern dating, etc. There are some lowly outcomes, not leas tot which is the pome itself,a kind of prayer and a process of bodywork (at least for me).

It is called "Instructions for Folds: Why Iris?"

3. From the bottom is wine, as buried, fruit festive arm warmers for Christmas choir

4. By turning the most unusual orientation what is peculiar typified or defied, repeat || step 7 and pressed || flat the way we see is sharp, shaped like a diamond or a heart with multiple points || beating

5. A finger inserted is opening what hides beneath color, a skin || to crave texture disfigured, what we want a persona projected, pulled to the middle and sewn
like a pocket despite a tendency to partner we operate

in threes 

Read the rest ot this poem and other great pieces at Dusie!

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