Wednesday, March 6, 2013

rtp: Buttonwillow, Tehachapi, Needles,a deep discount depraved off-off Vegas casino resort in Bullhead City, now Flagstaff

 Now, we are in Flagstaff. All ruddy and spiky and laced, at it's high edges, with snow. But first, it was a long stretch of desert driving.

 Cesar Chavez museum
almond groves
We thought Meme would want to pose with me in the desert, since it was nice and quiet. Here she is, trying to bolt back into the van. She prefers a white coverlet at the Ramada, apparently.
 a wind farm
 Casino-resort hotel on the Colorado river where AZ meets CA and NE..We chose it because it was 20 a night. Others chose it because it was Vegas meets Walmart, deep deep discount.  The resort scooped out a bank of the river to make a tikki beach. It was like sleeping in a an ashtray- arcade. The slots weren't what you;d imagine. They included Glittery Kitty (a white Persian cat with a pawful of pennies) and The Wizard of Oz.

 tumbleweed farms out here

In the a.m., Meemz just needs her latte and then she is ready to climb into the driver's seat for several hours. Does anyone remember that Mister Bill-esque SNL skit entitled, 'Toonsis, The driving cat'?

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