Thursday, July 1, 2010

Announcing Mrs. Maybe Issue #3 & party/reading/bbq/funfest

With brimming hearts & stars in our eyes we are pleased as punch & proud as cows to announce Mrs. Maybe issue #3 is now available! SOUND THE VUVUZELA!!

This issue is a real treasure pleasure trove with words arranged into poems by Brandon Brown, Sara Larsen, Julian T. Brolaski, Lindsey Boldt, K. Silem Mohammad, Emily Grossman, Rob Schlegel, CAConrad, Judith Goldman, David Highsmith, Sara Mumolo, Nada Gordon, Jon Davis, Amber DiPietra, and Dana Ward.

Copies can be ordered online at

In celebration of this feat we will be celebrating & hope you can join us.

Mrs. Maybe Issue 3 Backyard Party

Where: Catherine Meng's Backyard (write this down: 1825 Derby Street Berkeley)

When: July 11th, 1:00 pm

With readings by:

Lindsey Boldt

Brandon Brown
David Highsmith

Amber DiPietra

Sara Larsen

Sara Mumolo

We will also be pleased to offer readings from a CAConrad avatar and possibly a Malin Wuptke avatar among other spectral representations & bratwurst & cold beer.

Until then, keep being your lovely rainbow-brained selves!

Lauren Levin, Catherine Meng, and Jared Stanley, Editors

The Editors
Mrs. Maybe
"Stop seeing things and let the scene begin"

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