Tuesday, June 29, 2010

StoryCorps, French film makers, mush

posted the conversation between Jessie Lorenz and I in the SF StoryCorps booth here, on the It's Normal blog (when I was an undergrad, 21 or 22 year sold, i started telling my professors i wanted to switch my major to folklore--they were baffled and a little underwhelmed, thinking i meant something a la joseph campbell. what i meant was StoryCorps, but a little less edited--at least the tidbits we hear on NPR...and a lot more idiosyncratic). there is a kind of arc to what jessie and i talked about--how moving to SF afforded us with more freedoms as disabled women. when the french film makers asked me today, on camera--"a question from our funders" they said--What message would you like to send to people with disabilities around the world?, I rambled for a while about what it took for me to get to sf and the independence i have here. they of course took that to mean that my message for disabled people around the world was about "working hard". but i don't want to be that american, or that anyone. so i tried to qualify my message by saying something about being in love with your life (which is something i got from kerouac a long time ago and he already had tremendous indulgent man freedoms) and then i added something about starting small, very small and precise by way of feeling grateful for the small expansions in a day and not buried in trajectory. what i meant was the opposite of being goal-oriented and hard-working, but i think i bungled it in a pseudo-buddhist americana kind of way. i am a little afraid that my interviews with the film makers today will just turn into me being profiled on a late nite parisian infommercial by a company which makes hideously overpriced medical equipment. but i don't think so. flavie and catherine were so droll! here is their blog www.multicap.org. flavie is an OT and catherine some kind of social entrepreneur who has started integrated outings to promote more community for les handicaps in paris. the word is hard to get over, but i know it is an old language. and then, twinkling over to the left--my old self-made fable of paris, of st, exupery, maybe i will revive that story i started to write some years ago, allow myself silly lilting. a little after 3 years since i was absorbed into the Humanimal membrane of french film makers a la Bhanu, now I've had a set of my own! needless to say polka dots and olive green were in order, a crocheted cap. racing down the street on the moto (kind of like the ones they had in Sevilla because they rode them on the sidewalks). ] and trying to tell jessie about the glory of that crappy old MUNi coming over the hill, with me getting to be on it.

blog attempt: allow enjambment of experiences as public record. eat only bananas and potatoes this week, go soft and dense with it.

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