Monday, April 12, 2010

Accion of the day.....

Tax dollar vote:

A: Terminator to surveil the retinas and map the fingerprints of seniors and people with disabilites--$5 million dollar military-style cmaeras will insure that absolutley no governemnt money is being wasted on fraud while quadreplecig business professionals receive their morning asisstance from toilet to shower and old ladies get help in heating a cup of tea for lunch. (

B: Talking infared computer pens reveal the layers of info embedded in periodic tables and soon--train station maps--for the visually impaired scientist or traveler. Or any student, really, who can more readily grasp the boxy reality of how carbon is a tree is hydrogen is a montain when it is revealed in strata of audo-tactile graphics.

You choose.

Maybe there can be a C.
C. Vidal Sassoon, once a member of the 43 Group, a Jewish veterans' militia organisation that broke up Fascist meetings, said, on a recent Studio 360 broadcast, "I don't get blown away by the movie stars because I've seen them all with their hair down...But, a great architect...I'll go out of my way..." he muses on about Bauhaus and such, the lightness of a building that one feels they can lift off the street, and then he says "People say to me, 'What do you design for?'To make people look pretty?' No, I design for their bone structure. If I can design something that makes someone feel and look different because of their individual bone structure, then I've been successful."

I think a lot about integrated medicine or alternative healing centers for people with disabilities--but then hearing old Sassoon, I was suddenly inside steel and light and a clean new bob (thanks Mom), I was dreaming about hairdressers styling for osteoporosis, Paget's and Marfan's disease. How to create a facade (as hair is) for an aberrant structure, one that is really complement to that architecture? (Suddenly recalling when I was 12 in New Orleans and had to be in the Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis tween girl fashion show and I threw a fit about the shapelessness of the easy to put-on Velcro dresses. My mom was appalled at my behavior; now I can couch snobbery in a poetics at least...not that I am uber couture--I do pride myself on wearing the same old jeans to work every day, because they fit nice.)

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