Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kindergarde: Poems, Plays and Stories for Children at SPT

I wrote the following report for the SPT blog:

“Friends half-medium and medium-half”, I was so excited to go to the San Francisco/CCA performance of Kindergarde. I’ve been trying to write a series of poems about little kids I have tutored over the last few years. Not about them per se, but about our work together, which often requires us to stare into the absurd worlds-propositions that are their standardized test practice booklets. In which we must circle ‘fact’ or ‘opinion’, or a. or b. In which I must pretend that this is not abysmal and they must pretend they are trying, but really they are distracting me with stories about the moon and I am saying yes and then?

I brought stickers and markers and paper to the event so as to beguile some children in the audience and thus get them to collaborate with me on this reading report.

Kindergarde’s actors included Cyril Jamal Cooper, Mandy Khoshnevisan, Caleb Haven Draper, Norman Muñoz, Juliet Heller, Shaye Troha. It was produced by Dana Teen Lomax, directed by Chris Smith and set/costume design was done by Patrick Maloney.

Play and playlets included: “December 16, 2006” by Robin Blaser, The Carpet Square by Sarah Ann Cox, Throat Bird by Camille Roy, “Apricot Madness” by Rosmarie Waldrop, The Night I Walked Into The Jungle by Bhanu Kapil, “Sunday Song” by Noelle Kocot, The Word Play by Douglas Kearney, Streetnamer on the Moon by Susan Gevirtz, Avant-Garde Exrercises by Juliana Spahr, “The Name of Things” by Edwin Torres, Young Willie Wonka by Brent Cunningham, The Jesus Donut by Jaime Corez, “All the Tea in China” by Charles Bernstein, Nakaloo by Juan Felipe Herrera, “8 December, 2006” Robin Blaser.

Things that there were:

a candy robot and “every time you licked it, you would go 2 seconds into the future”.

Find the rest, including my mini-collaborations with kids, here: http://smallpresstraffic.blogspot.com/2010/04/in-case-you-missed-it-thanks-dana-lomax.html

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