Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hawking alien ethics

does it make me a silly naive nonprofit type idealist--to think that the aliens would NOT be mean? is that why I am surprised by Hawking's assertions? because of course the aliens would be mean--that is the realists' conclusion....

note that i am not doubting the existence of said aliens, but whether they would be nice or mean.

is it clear that i am very tired? this is not a joke, folks.

but considering that both Hawkings and i are a kind of political minority that is akin to earth-aliens, it seems in his best interest, to assert/bank on other odds--that aliens will be useful, friendly and all about not obliterating difference.

or is this really about survival? Hawkings theory...when you feel yourself to be the kind of political minority (disabled person, illegal alien, what have you) subject to predation and ignorance (which is a form of becoming prey....)

There is part of me that thinks I am SO tired that I have been fooled and this article is on some kind of site like the Onion, because I am zombie-processing what's on my screen right now....

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