Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am a Cuban Sandwich

My aunt and uncle's new show...

Performed by Richard DiPietra
Directed by James Rayfield
Written by Richard and Mary Ellen DiPietra

Friday February 19, Saturday February 20
Friday February 26, Saturday February 27

$7 at the
Silver Meteor Gallery
2213 E. 6th Avenue
Ybor City, FL 33605
for tickets call (813)300-3585
Michael A. Murphy, Gallery Director

Authors Richard and Mary Ellen DiPietra take you on a journey through the physical and cultural life of Ybor City. Not the Ybor of today with its bar scene and late night revels. This is what Ybor was, before time and Interstate 4 cut through the heart of a very special place.

DiPietra, a native of Tampa, has looked back and blended true remembrances with touches of fiction, to created an honest and touching look into the human experience of growing up – especially growing up in a melting pot that simmers with the smell of Spanish Bean Soup and fresh baked Cuban Bread – the kind that has the palm frond in it.
These stories will remind you of what Tampa was and perhaps even what you were growing up.

Silver Meteor Gallery has a great full bar and snacks. Plan on staying after on Friday nights for the RED HOT NUT SACK at 11pm. Mad fun!

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