Monday, April 6, 2015

On Easter Sunday, we went to Catholic mass at the church where I used to spend a lot of time as a teenager worried about being a sexually aberrant human being.

I dressed as Mary magdalene, if she shopped at Rainbow outlet, though I can't tell you if that was intentional or not, because i was half asleep from an overnight ride in a big rig as research for me book. My mom dressed as the Virgin Mary. Or, a very dark-skinned girl at her first communion. My stepfather dressed like Miami Vice. the three of us are 5'5 and under. Then there was my domestic partner, he refers to himself as "my husband's wife". he dressed like a Mennonite. He stood 6'2. we went for him. because he had a french grandmother, madeline, but he had never seen catholic mass. The music sounded like Dracula.

My counselor today--she laughed when I said the church did not burst into flames upon my entry. She is is a Buddhist, but grew up Catholic. Then, she told me that the new Pope has started to go into prisons, both men and women's prisons. To wash the feet of inmates. And that sounded like the best post-Easter news ever.

 Body of Christ.

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