Sunday, June 22, 2014

The 3-war family argument

as pseudo-discussion is much more calming and lovely in sepia filter. or, I suppose it is a newfangled goldenrod filterer. Calling AAA pr not, a clothes hanger, bourbon locked in the car, laundry not done, who should help or if there were ever to be any more help, was all part of it, but faded now except for the curve of mouths and necks. Imagine a background noise like platters of brornze being thrown against one another.

on Twitter

, where this blog lives now. because it can be read and posted to through that app, one-handed, on my back, by a body of water, or in the cool olive green light above my mattress. This is articulation my spine had not dreamed of before.

My blog lived on Tumblr for a minute

because it is so much easier to access from my phone. fallinginrealtime.tumblr This is the feed. No, I don't like it. I can't add another virtual box. I'll make due with Twitter.

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