Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tiff Dressen on Poet as Radio, Crawling beasts, Sex Machine and The Feeling is Mutual

My lovely Tiff Dressen rhapsodizes about light like no one else on Poet as Radio (Save KUSF!)

Some scattershot Tiff lines (what came to my ear--NOT actual sequence or line breaks from her poem. To hear that, click above). From Icarus Children

"Because we no longer live in sensitive bdoes lit up from the inside"

"a star corpse"

"are sleeping more"

"are sleeping in"

"because we are children of clouds and distirbuted memory machines"

"because we will never share the same story"

"scale to the sun"

"all the sunflowers were fertilized by dead angels laid out side by side in rows like corn" 

"because we have perceived light the natural bdoy can never account for"

In other poetry news, Beast Crawl in Oakland on Saturday was hot! On many levels. (Why am I leaving the 10-degrees-warmerness of the East Bay to settle back into my Sutros place in SF? Because I miss lower Polk Street. Love is strange, even place love--because I have traversed it--   Has flaky skin and cold wind, "the dry rot of riddles and smiles"...) So, but Beast Crawl. A gorgeosuly varied trajectory. From Kelsey-Street-and-cupcakes at Awaken Cafe  to dripping strippy pro-dom/switch prose at a handsomely wallpapered adult gallery called Feelmore. Then, after party in which Mg Roberts was requesting Too Short from the DJ, but Val and I were doing OK with Sex Machine.

Still feel terrible about missing (due to generalized personal  derailment, but also the external BART train) my chance to read and have fun  and, most importantly, support Small Press Traffic at the Endless Summer event a few weeks ago. 

To help me make up for it, please buy lots of copies of this anthology: 

The Feeling I$ Mutual: A List of Our Fucking Demands, edited by Sara Wintz, and designed by Michael Cross and Stephen Novotny. These guys created it to raise funds for SPT.

Harriet says: 

As Wintz has written, the book includes writing by “tons of incredible writers who contributed wonderful, beautiful responses to the very simple question: WHAT DO YOU WANT?” Her prompt went further:
“+hey: what do you want?+
-a partner?
-a baby?
-an end to capitalism?
-a job that <3s you?
-a family that <3s you?
-free healthcare?
-student loan forgiveness?
-to be able to get married?
-a government that pays for art?
-an audience/readership?
-a bike?
-a chicken coop?
let's try to write it out, take a picture of it, draw a picture of it, journal about it... and then let's make a book out of our unique and special demands."

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