Friday, February 24, 2012

doing my part for "fabulous sexology, smut, art and culture, and education"

at the behest of a new orange-clad nautical friend, i finally got myself to the Center for Sex and Culture this week and attended one of the best writing groups ever. The myth of male lust, Dean Edell 2x readers, Catholic erotica, Carol Queen (!!!!), and the use of "I like..."--as feedback by her co-facilitator Jen Cross--like I have never heard it before (a holding and a generative push twined into one, repeated emphatic verbal gesture).

and so now it seems i have been invited to read at their benefit party next week. Come see me y'all! i think there will be lots to see.

Leap Year Sex Shindig! One Whole Year Anniversary Celebration and benefit
         Wednesday, 2/29 – 7:30pm
At CSC, 1349 Mission
$10-one zillion dollars sliding scale
Come celebrate this rare leap day with unusually awesome performance, and help CSC get on top of its bills so we’re all set to bring you a whole new year of fabulous sexology, smut, art and culture, and education. Pass the word! Bring your friends! And bring some dough, because there will be a silent auction AND a chance to win a high-end OhMiBod vibe!

For your entertainment: Midori, Simon Sheppard, Jen Cross, Carol Queen, Lynn Sunday,Amber DiPietra, AND Amy Marsh: "Dr. Hypno's School of Burlesque!" (Volunteers from the audience, hypnotized, will be instructed in the fine art of burlesque.)

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