Sunday, September 25, 2011

some readings/events i will be doing this autumn and onward and also, hopes for a soft fall

listening to R.E.M. Tongue, because the days after you turn 33, you want to go back to 1994.

or, you write like Lorrie Moore. the you, the you, the you. why so steadying?
or not. last night, at the :working class reading series after-party, wishing i had multiple bodies/personas purely for the simple, capricious reason that then i could have one lower back tattooed with tenderoni in olde english and the other with "dulce de leche" in regular cursive. thank you jennifer capo crucet (Leaving Hialeah).

have been brutal with myself all summer. veering now, to a halt, a different softer start. friends and family. very patient. gifts of cream-colored handmade scarf (that smells of good goats) and brown gloves from my mom, so silkenly furred they made me weep. also, a gnome dressed as an owl and P and Y revived my mason jar terrarium from last year. and beef enchiladas, to remind me that i do still like to eat. thanks Ms. Witte.

this from margit gallanter's newsletter today:


Despite the mysterious heat of the days, we have made it to Fall! Indeed, around us there are indications of collapse ...of structural phenomenon such as healthcare, of environmental protections, of a list too long to mention. Yet, in the face of our challenges, we have resources from the cycle of elements; we can learn how to Fall – body-mind-earth. First of all, remember that we are in a season, and it cycles. From the perspective of Chinese energetics, it is through the Metal/Wind element, associated with the fall, that we connect to some of the most basic functions of living - breath and elimination. Through Metal harmony, we establish our sense of purpose, our boundaries, and our courage. So, it helps to breathe ... deep breathing, like what can come from movement meditation practices and the somatic arts, from being outside, and from tapping into what you are here to do, giving yourself the breath of space and time to absorb what you do do.

i will be starting work full time at my agency soon, as nursing home transition coordinator. worried it will make me caved in, get hollow and pitted. no rest from my own emotional struggles there, as the distraction of other labors might provide.

one of my clients,  an old timey movie star type who lives at the jewish home, but hopes to return to her puppy in the Outer Richmod soon (she dresses him in hounds tooth coats and caps from her long dead milliner father)--she told me "Oh. 33 is a magical age. That is when I made my first million. It is a glorious time to make messes. People ask me, 'Why do you walk so funny?' and I say, 'It is because I have been married too many times!'"

another client at laguna honda has to decide what to do about his sever bedsores. he can wait or choose surgery. for now., the doctor says some change is around the bend, as "the wound back is healing"

love for other people as sometimes, an unsustainable envelope. to lick and press time and other recipients between you and them..

will be shifting Write To Connect, or putting it on a kind of hiatus to focus more on offering energy work sessions (which sometimes function as mini, one-on-one somatic writing sessions). be in touch if you are interested.

i have some readings and events coming up in conjunction with the publication of my Waveform collaboration with Denise Leto (Kenning Editions), and the publication of the Beauty is a Verb anthology that I am lucky to be included in.

--Beauty Is a Verb reading at Pegasus Books in Berkeley, Sept 27. Read Jen Bartlett's preface to BAV and pick up a copy at Pegasus this Tuesday! Many thanks to Sheila Black, Jennifer Bartlett, Michale Northern and the folks at Cinco Puntos Press.

--with Denise Leto at Moe's on October 18th, 7:30.

--October 21, Denise and I are road-tripping it to Humboldt State to be part of DAMN--Disability Art and Music Night, which is a kick-off for a week-long series of event at HSU around disability culture.

--December 12, Canessa Park with Denise Leto and Jai Arun Ravine

--Somatic Engagement, another anthology I am so grateful to be a part of, has just come out! Thanks to Petra Kuppers and Chain Links. I will be part of a reading for Somatic on Feb 28, 2012 at Pegasus books in dwtn Berkeley.

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