Tuesday, April 5, 2011

P.O.D. Edge waters and Nita Little.

got to move/write with the glorious Nita Little (thanks to more Words and Deeds) who I now have a tremendous friend crush on. An old timey bombshell meets contact improv physics engineer. She is--evocative. And Margit told me what evocative meant--which I guess I have always known, but was stuck on a more plodding syntax for. Evocative is that which evokes--nothing, as in No Thing, but a wideness, an expanse....And For, that preposition is holding me back. the moving tonight helped me know it and I noticed it is now imposable for me to distinguish between major and minor stories.

she, Nita, started us off by doing the kind of sacrum-to-the-floor exercise that happens in many modalities. but it is April, the light is long, greyish pinkish green across the glossy dim floor of Kunststoff. and we were starfish at the tide line, limbs splayed out, limbs curled in, a crazy anemone sit up. over and again.

i was sad today, badly sad, sad sad sad, as in crying all along Market on the way to class. which is OK, I've needed that edge back, to trace metal rain and change forms. dry a long time. and so was kind of droopy all during class, but laid myself down along a diagonal post that girds the perimeter of the studio floor. cold metal painted the color of san francisco, and my bed room wall. that iron orange that hurts. and worked with my attention face down on the diagonal, a grace, the chance of other surfaces, for a body that doesn't easily change levels (physical). and heard other bodies, scuffing and whispering and occasionally whorling or side shuffling up to me and putting a toe in--to my rib or calf--which was everything. thought about Anna with her knitting and my union steward at work, who today sat with me for 20 minutes and gave me relationship advice.

Here's Nita: "My purpose then, when I am giving my weight to another, is to align my anchor with his just as if I were an intimate part of his body. My body joins in alignment with the structural organization of my partner, and since his organization begins from his anchor, I must also find that same anchor. When I do, we both find the freedom to move. When I don’t, I am blindly trusting the fates, or relying on my partner to make movement work. I ask him to handle the load of my weight as well as the force of my action. That makes me heavy and an effort. There is an implicit limitation to our physical freedom when I am not also managing my own weight relationship to the earth because the structure is inefficient. Through a partner and on my own, I want to be in continual touch with the earth, casting my relationship to her center from mine. That way, we form a whole." I need to go here and read more http://nitalittle.com/ of her writing toward "attentional geometry".

then, when i got home, this! a piece of the collaboration that Denise and I did--so many thanks to Thom (whose partner has an owl necklace in New York that I will one day get to covet when I visit)


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