Sunday, May 2, 2010

I want that stupid.

My zombie poem to re-vivify love or domestic partnership came out on the Real Poetik blog today. (Thanks Claire and Lily!--and--check out Claire's reading with Graham Foust at St. Mary;'s May, 2010!)

I wrote this poem in real time and also, in thinking about Bhanu's "prebiotic" "dead book" especially re; the flatlines in relationships. If they were just a strict cardio measure, the body between the two bodies, made of the routines of the two bodies, would cease to exist.

Instead maybe "It’s the place where something stirs." It, the relationship, remains undead and zombies are truly lovable in a plain way that is hard to explain. Bhanu says, "when I show my work to friends, they suggest: “more details.” Or: “It’s a bit flat.” I am learning to retrain the automata of lyric events in my work, and this interview helps. It helps me with the part of species/sentence transformation that depends upon imperceptible events held in an early field. Writing books that deflect reading, that don’t attract it as a sexual relation (between the reader and the writer) is, perhaps, disgusting, boring and stupid. I want that stupid." [This from an interview Drew Krewer at]

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