Thursday, January 7, 2010

Join Us in Celebrating 35 Years of Kelsey Street Press!

KSP is having an anniversary extravaganza—a reading and party on January 28, 2010.

The event will begin at 7:30 at Books and Bookshelves, 99 Sanchez Street in San Francisco.

In addition to snacks and bargain KSP books, the following KSP friends will each read from new or previous works for a few minutes.

Susan Gevirtz

Frances Phillips

Dale Going

Laurie Reid

Laura Moriarty

Elizabeth Robinson

Thaisa Frank

Jocelyn Saldenberg

Norma Cole

Nellie Wong

Rena Rosenwasser

Hazel White

Pat Dienstfrey

Tiff Dressen

Ramsay Breslin

Amber DiPietra

Val Witte

Michelle Puckett

Lauren Levin

We look forward to meeting new friends while reconnecting and recollecting!

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