Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Corneal erosion collage

Some accompanying text:

Dr. Guest, CPMC Resident's Clinic:
"Not so much an epithelial defect now as a corneal distrubance. Let me draw youa picture...." He endeavors to sketch stroma cells on a prescription pad.

from Wikipedia:

Waking options
-learn to wake with eyes closed and still and keeping artificial tear drops within reach so that they may be squirted under the inner corner of the eyelids if the eyes feel uncomfortable upon waking.[2]
-It has also been suggested that the eyelids should be rubbed gently, or pulled slowly open with your fingers, before trying to open them, or keeping the affected eye closed while "looking" left and right to help spread lubricating tears.[2]

from Bhanu's blog

2. The grid is an imaging technology. Maybe part of the work of prose writing is to invent a form that disturbs the given field of information, even if that information is beautiful.

4. Grid as device; grid as gesture. Grid as a way of making what holds events together: Transparent.

I increase the force the structure carries.** I make something rip a tear in the membrane of the story, and exit. Prose then becomes a record of that disturbance,

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