Thursday, May 28, 2009

“holding my memory differently than I did before”

In which, from the Norma-talk I facilitated at NONSITE, so much was brought out, but most of it is still, as Norma would say, “subvocalizing” itself.

A photo from the space where NONSITE Aesthetics as Somatic Practice investigations are being held.

Thanks again to Tanya Hollis’ sister Nichole for giving NONSITE use of her amazing design space so that all events in this thread may be accessible.

It is significant that these talks should unfold (and enfold) in a design setting—as we explore new options for the body (disabled, in redefintion or otherwise complicated) to make space in poetics.

Visit NONSITE to check out Laura Moriarty’s write-up for the event and read the new poem Norma read as part of the talk.

Also, the next event in the series is as follows; then, Michael Davidson and Sue Schweik on June 6.


Join us for the Nonsite Collective's last Sunday of the month dinner and discussion.

This Sunday, May 31, we'll revisit recent events and related threads around disability and poetics (Aesthetics As Somatic Practice).

Bring something to eat or drink!

We'll meet in San Francisco at 6:00
at 935 Natoma, btwn 10th and 11th,
and btwn
Mission and Howard
Close to Van Ness and Market (Muni)
or Civic Center BART

(Event space is wheelchair accessible. On-site bathrooms are accessible to wheelchair entry but not fully ADA-compliant due to lack of handrails).

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