Tuesday, April 15, 2008


(above: zoom in to see puffed feathers)

Re: yesterday's pigeon;

joie de poulpe says: Okay, so I am home sick but attempted a 40-minute walk around my neighborhood this afternoon and saw 2 doves having a slap fight with the sides of their wings! And it was apparently prep for dove sex! They were pretty doves instead of rock doves aka pigeons, but are my nomination for p.o.d. anyway.xox

Thanks poulp. That reminds me--please feel free to submit any P.O.Ds of your own for this series (preferably those taken during your day-to-day routine).

Pigeons-of-the-Day Tune in to this link to see new P.O.D.s every day.

Or check this page for the week-in-review.

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