Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bhanu Audio on Kelsey Street Blog
The first sound file in what is to be an ongoing series of recordings has been added to the KSP web site. It is Bhanu Kapil reading from Vertical Interrogation of Strangers. She has a book forthcoming from KSP, Winter 2008. The press will be adding other author audio in the upcoming weeks and eventually, interviews and informal conversations about press history, poetics, and more.

The blog entry that accompanies this recording:

In “thinking about who I was when I wrote this book”, Bhanu reads from her notebook by way of a detailed introduction;

I was still dreaming/fulfilling the break. Preprostheses, pre-healing, pre-everything. That’s when I invented this form. A sacred space for voices. I interpolated them into and through my own documents, my own poems, my own answers. It was an intuitive decision. There are about 10 or more notebooks that I have at home that contain the dense, complete answers, the descriptions of the women, where I met them and so forth. The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers contains words, lines, sentences, fragments, stories, phonemes and images taken from those notebooks. I think of them as red threads I tied on to my coat, its hem and buttons. I have done this for years and years. Come upon a scrap of red wool or cotton on the sidewalk and tied it onto whatever I am wearing.

Listen here.
Multiple readings by Bhanu here. These are from various reading series in Boulder and Hawaii.
Hear Bhanu speak about the body and border crossings. She is joined on this panel by Renee Gladman and Laird Hunt.

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