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Dear Friends,

On Sunday June 7th, I will join over 20 New York-based sound artists and musicians in an experiment — the ISSUE Project Room Soundwalk-a-thon — a fundraiser and collective public inquiry into the connection between urban space and our collective sonic imaginations.

With my friend Andrea Williams and the fine folks at ISSUE Project Room, we designed this Soundwalk-a-thon as a way to couple the traditional walk-a-thon structure of fundraising with a more creative way of walking.

In short: you can sign up to be a walker on a soundwalk; you can sign up to sponsor someone who is walking; or you can give a straight donation without walking. Regardless of whether you can walk on June 7th, you can still help out:)

I ask you to please sign up for my soundwalk and pledge your support:

And, if my walk does not appeal to you, then, by all means, please sign up for a different walk. The goal is to raise money to support ISSUE Project Room, an incredible organization founded in 2003 by Suzanne Fiol. ISSUE produces more than 200 experimental arts events in our community each year. Your support is critical at this time, as they work towards moving to 110 Livingston, a space in which they have the historic opportunity to create the first 20-year home for experimental arts in downtown Brooklyn.

Please visit the site and sign up either as a walker or as a “sponsor,” contributing a gift of $10, $20, $50 or more.

There’s a full list of fantastic soundwalks from which to choose. Please let me know if you've any questions.

Thanks so much!



Todd Shalom

11/1/07 Todd Shalom, Onceopolis and more

"Since arriving to Buenos Aires, I've worked on two projects. At
"Vortice Argentina", a visual-poetry festival in the city, I debuted
Sympathetic Twin, a performance using an Ultrasonic MIDI controller
that responds to my movement by outputting sounds from my body and of
my poetry. Secondly, I designed the sound for Onceopolis, a photo
exhibition of the "Once" barrio of the city that is known for its
mixture of Jewish, Korean and Peruvian merchants selling fabric and

Upcoming: My Artner of the past 2 years, director Niegel Smith, will
be coming down here over Christmas. We make public performances that
seek to create new rituals in urban spaces. While he's here, we're
hoping to realize a piece in the city."

Read more at Todd's website,

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