Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mofro: some detractions, but mainly testifying

I know they fall into the category of what one friend of mine who recently moved to Austin would label as bad bad white boy blues (and funk too), and by bad I don’t mean good—I mean pasteurized—But. They are from Florida and I am from Florida and yes, they are corny, but they are supposed to be because so is Fla. And even better, a little edgier, Mofro is alt-corny. And no, I don’t mean ironic like trucker hats (because I am pretty sure they wore trucker hats before they were cool, circa my uncle 1978 with said hat, smoking a Pell Mall and swinging me on the swings). I think they are alt-corny because they are pretty earnest actually, and that freaks people out a little but, which is also why the Santa Cruz contingent is into them. I saw some fighting slug hippie chicks at their last concert, lying on the sidewalk afterward, outside of the Independent. Them singing Lochloosa and being barefoot and I just thought Geez girls, I feel old. No more white wine in a box on a sofa bed on wheels in the parking lot of the 7-11 for me. I’m glad I haven’t left my shoes back by the pump.
But, alt-corny or not (and that tag is maybe really is the fault of too much Free Bird on ClearChannel--do they do that in SF? they do in FL.) when JJ Grey sings about "poke chops" I think, Can I take a number?" It's that Otis Redding-like writhe on the floor thing he does with his voice.... and yes, sure "He's not quite an Otis Redding, but then no one else is either."


Mofro @ The Independent Nov 3.!!!

"Soon even remote places in Florida will be gone forever, replaced by golf courses and country clubs. Music takes me back to those places. It takes me back to the past where I can live, breathe and remain sane. That's probably my biggest influence. Either that or we just make up stuff that we think sounds cool." -JJ from MOFRO

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