Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reading Bhanu Kapil

Kelsey Street Press has charged me with the task of seeing their newest book to print, Humanimal by Bhanu Kapil. Hardly a task, I have been forgetting myself, immersed in Bhanu's world, or at least, whatever simulacra of it that lives on the Internet. So I offer this evolving post as a kind of shared reading notes/google hunting for other readers who embark upon similar journeys when they find a writer that has something to tell them. Ths will also serve, hopefully, as promotion for the book, since blogging is a way to do that for new boks in the innovatie poetry realm and I am the memebr of the press who does the most blogging. Check back now and then by clicking on "Reading Bhanu Kapil" in the left menu.. Much of what is placed here will be more tangential than average, snippets, simply links to follow toward conversation.

On Collapse
a blog post on Weird Deer about an annoying whistler, the brick wall that is Phillip Roth and the red dust that is Kapil's newest, Incubation, A Space for Monsters.

About Weird Deer:

"The culture we create leaves traces as it passes through us, between us, overhead. The traces are a kind of ecstatic evidence. This is a space to engage that evidence by exploration rather than explanation.
We don’t know. So we correspond. The private conversations we have, or want to have, with those around us about the cultures that stimulate growth–ours and the organism’s. Let’s talk about it in whatever form manifests itself best–an interview, a video diary, a letter, an email, a poem, a story, a lie, a text message, an image, a book, a matching piece of trash, whatever."

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