Sunday, July 29, 2007

The 2007 Bay Area Poetry Marathon -- successful omissions

You don't admire an icon, you clcik on it
-- Noah Eli Gordon

To inhabit an abscence takes great balance
-- Rusty Morrison

The highlight was when Lyn Hejinian broke down whle attempting to read a part of a poem that gives a very long list of possible names for motels. You can imagine all the jokes made with word 'inn', but funnier still is Kyn Hejinian saying them. "I had so much fun writing these, I can't read them" she squeaked through laughter-tears. "Well, when it is published, you all can read it and laugh". She then proceeded to skip what I took to be a large section and ended with a line about counting all the horses in her 220 horsepower PT cruiser engine.

The event is curated by Donna de la Perriere & Joseph Lease

Tonight's readers were

Albert Flynn De Silver, Noah Eli Gordon, Lyn Hejinian, Jane Miller, Rusty Morrison, Jessica Wickens.

Saturday, August 25, 7-9 PMEdward Foster, Judith Goldman, Andrew Joron, Dana Teen Lomax, Denise Newman, Lisa Robertson.$3-$15 sliding scale admission

For more details, go to

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