Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Journal of Literary Disability


As a sample of what promises to be the start of something so long in coming, here is the table of contents for the first issue. Read the articles at the link above.

Disability and/as Poetry

Volume 1, Number 1. Edited by Jim Ferris and David Bolt

IntroductionDavid Bolt (p.i-vi)
Disability Haunting in American Poetics Sharon Snyder and David Mitchell (p.1-12)
Icarus, Gods, and the ‘Lesson’ of DisabilityNicole Markotić (p.13-21)
Outsides: Disability Culture Nature Poetry Petra Kuppers (p.22-33)
Les Poses de l‘Incompris reprises: Corbière, Caricature, and Critical Illness Tammy Berberi (p.34-48)

Josephine Miles’s Crip(t) Words: Gender, Disability, “Doll”Sue Schweik (p.49-60)
The Poetry of Dementia: Art, Ethics, and Alzheimer’s disease in Tony Harrison’s Black Daisies for the Bride Lucy Burke (p.61-73)

Auto-Graphein or ‘The Blind Man’s Pencil’: Notes on the Making of a Poem Stephen Kuusisto and Petra Kuppers (p.74-80)

Against Rhythm: Poetry in Uncommon Time Jim Ferris (p.81-86)

• Call for Papers - JLD: Disability and the Dialectic of Dependency

submissions: bolt@wellofthesaints.freeserve.co.uk

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