Saturday, May 26, 2007

Floridicana #9

Sunset Chateau series

60 years after all the cigar factories shut down, the kids became yuppies with Target guayaberas and the great grandparents died, this is where the grandparents have gone. They migrate here on weekends and holidays. The six floor condo is a little Ybor City at the beach
ubiquitous shells and hand towel on the back of the toilet.


Melanie Westerberg said...

oh! my mom was always a big fan of shells on the back of the toilet. i thought everyone did it, and tried to do it, but you really need to do things like clean and dust to maintain things like that attractively.
hmm. i bought a basket of shells in fla. when i went there when i was 10, and i think they were the exact same shells as your toilet shells.
what i mean to say is that i enjoy your travel photos.

Anonymous said... going to make some of that bread...

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