Friday, May 25, 2007

Floridicana #2

1. forward and up, like the way watm water born by a hard wind forms a film. those clouds aren't lit by tanic susnet though.
2. at first, it was smoke drifintg all the way down the peninusla from georiga, then all the marshy woodland along alligator alley started to burn.

3. it stormed a little, but not enough to kill the barbecue smell. this is what mofro meant when they announced onstage at the indepednet right ater katrina that some people in fl. actually welcome hurricanes. the crowd didn;t get it, acted like j.j. was being disrespectful to the dead, but he was all hopped on his snake preacher vibe and didn;t care.

4. yellow belly slider in my Mom's back yard pond. they come up in droves on shore to eat the bread thrown for the ducks. two pretty geese-looking ducks, not the moscovies (those mottled black and red bumpy fowl who look like they got that way from swimming in power plant drinagae) that luis across the pond put in. lucky ducks. they could've been bound for a meal, but instead got to hang around while luis sayd "oye, patos!' and they still live here long after hermoved back to puerto rico. except now with the turles being so tame (haf these turtles were prolly kids pets in those plastic palm tree island bowls) the ducks get pissed because they come to get the bread and the tutrles just bite them in the ass.

5. alligator alley, yeehaw junction and tamiami trail are major highways in flroida.

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