Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bowie was my first map to shadow, eros, and beyond-gender

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this is a lens onto our cutting edge turn of the 21st century
but be prepared...

amber v. dipietra

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to Sabrina
It's funny--it feels comforting and compelling to me in a a way, perhaps in contrast to the scarier associations I have with Bowie. The fear I had, at age 6, upon seeing him in Labyrinth--that I would never approach the eros and allure he signified in that movie, and how at age 6, i could feel and want it so badly. Also, two dear gorgeous male friends with whom I shared a love of Bowie. Seeing one friend in the despair of meth addiction and the other friend, now dead to a heroin overdose. I don't know--Bowie...he's my dark prince, I'll follow him anywhere.

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