Sunday, December 4, 2011

(why does every air molecule have a cactus with a razor blade in its bouffant for my eyeball?) or, sans jet ski

with D, practicing towing in. Her, vocally (mia Daneesa!), for our readings on the 12th (see previous post) and the 15th


Thursday, December 15, 7:30pm
Somatic Engagement:
the Politics and Publics of Embodiment

A collection of essays on the poetics and politics of embodiment, touching on topics that range from disability to immigration to homelessness. With contributors Juliana Spahr, Jena Osman, Amber DiPietra, Denise Leto, Christian Nagler, Georgina Kleege, Katherine Sherwood, Eleni Stecopoulos, and editor Petra Kuppers.


[D. in Sicily.]

ambient notes:

also, last night, doing energy work on sarah rosenthal in the side room at the Unitarian Center. (so many good memories of teaching poetry classes with Glori Simmons--for wise-cracking 5- and 6- year olds from the TL at this very church.) S. and i did our palmetry session while anne waldman practiced scales in the next room. i was temporarily locked in bathroom stall with a spider and bonded about it with some woman wearing red and talking about the oak she used to live under. she would've gone in for me, i felt, if it had not hidden in the latch.. then, me, sarah, shawn amos, denise and rosie occupied a row and watched anne waldman and laughed because we were so happy. and wondered why no one else laughed--maybe they thought they needed to be solemn because of the Unitarian setting and all?. a. waldman twirled her scarf, sung "G-spot topology, Barbara Bush transvestite racist", but I am misquoting her. i just know i want to balls it up and start singing in to my poetry. think she is glorious because she knows manatees too. (Val Witte sent me a micro-manatee poem today, but with harbor seals. the way my cat makes the seal on the carpet to be beguiling and keeps Val up all night with forced feline spooning (her calico heft = insomniac Valerie).

also, in the intro, steve dickison offered this news of how the poetry center's archives, dating back to the 50's, will now all be digitized and on the internet, and he added this lovely thing about how, in this time of higher education privatization, he loves  that these recordings "are being thrown open to the world".

[IRCSF's rally at the Federal Bldg on Friday. Michelle Puckett in her union best.]

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