Sunday, November 27, 2011

DiPietra, Leto, Ravine reading at Canessa, Dec. 12, 7:30 pm

Thanks to Monica Peck for organizing this upcoming reading. She also recently engaged with Waveform on the Kelsey St. blog.

What happened when I got Waveform in the mail, is that I crushed out on the book and couldn’t stop reading it or /into/ it, rather. I keep spiraling around in it, but can’t seem to ever finish it; it’s a short book. At first, I blamed procrastination, lack of attention, or stress, but then I began to accept that this book actually was magically pulling me into the Fibonacci sequence of itself somehow and still I continue to eddy inside it.
 “This is all happening at the same time” (Waveform).
Non-normative bodies in public spaces are political occupations that go to the grocery store, take the bus, look through glass at bank tellers … What happens when the private space (bed) is forced into the public (tent), as with demonstrations that pitch tents?
She goes on to write about Occupy and Cecilia Vicuna. Read more on the KSP blog.

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