Friday, October 17, 2014

Naropa outtakes, 3rd spiritual home next to my bed, the Gulf waters (love to you, Beth Murray) & San Francisco sex school

I met an ex-bio-engineer who knows how the bones build out to the cosmos. He eats spaghetti off the floor with his 11-year--old son, who writes his school essay on developments in prosthetic arms. My friend, the lady in the life of these boy-mens, is a sexologist I met in SF last sprieng. She came to scoop me up the night I arrived in Boulder.

Boulder back-lot altar, in honor of student and faculty transitions. Accomplishment or major life development is pure movement, which only exists in relation to little moments of breathing stillness. A tiny plastic dalmation, a teddy bear with pennies in his crotch, Denise's purple-scarlet boots on the flagstones. her "Sacrarium"and the pleasure of being a "voicer". Left some hot plum light in the vestibule for Bhanu. Met a woman my age, Danielle Parfunda, who has kids that have made up a thunder cat mythology. It comes from her mother bones. that is where the cats live, and in the cosmos too. Everything is her fault. She is the funky originator, the rot in the fruit. LOVE HATE on her knuckles,  tattoos. The brutalizing and brutalized force of being mother, of "foisting life". Talks with Sheila Blakc about letting her son decide whether he wanted three inches of orthopedic brutality for 3 inches of height, waiting, and the relief when he said, No.

Violtet Juno draws me being a comma and laying down over a student/former sex worker's spine to read a quote from an essay by Julie Carr on the body and the avant-garde.

These living things, these dead things. I am more alive and feeling around for others, so far outside my reach and inside of me, than I have ever been.

Mirasoles/girasoles, the nodding sleepy head of autumn death turning towards...

This pink rock just before the Naropa campus. To be that hard and open. Go to the body poetik site if you wish to hear more about this time from the perspective of a "professional" bodyworker seeking clients and co-researchers.

Not pictured here; the ESA's I met at Naropa. Leeny Sack who does performance art and her emotional support animal. The somatic psychotherapy student from Miami (my home state, what what!) and her ESA dog--a real squirreler. They made it so legitimate for me, as an artist and a person. Never travel without your dog again, they said. Especially, bring her to Naropa.

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