Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DiPietra/Bedami family reunion

in which: Dad does his wise, cultural eyebrow raise and teaches Little Vincent how to twirl his drumstick; there are many Vicents, Joes and Angelos, there is one guy who looks like James Caan; cousin Carla tells Dad he has to go to Sicily now and people will still know his name; someone says I look like my grandmother Beva and though I cannot imagine it is true, it makes me happy.

on Twitter

, where this blog lives now. because it can be read and posted to through that app, one-handed, on my back, by a body of water, or in the cool olive green light above my mattress. This is articulation my spine had not dreamed of before.

My blog lived on Tumblr for a minute

because it is so much easier to access from my phone. fallinginrealtime.tumblr This is the feed. No, I don't like it. I can't add another virtual box. I'll make due with Twitter.

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