Friday, May 17, 2013

can experimental poetry provide a release/new pathway for those who have been "sentenced"

Write To Connect will do two workshops on the body poetics of moving past the "sentence" at Rose Manor. This is a residential treatment program for women who have elected to live here as an alternative to prison and losing custody of their kids. I imagine, being "sentenced" in the legal sense, is like diagnosis in the medical or bureaucratic sense. As when, last week, Social Security required me to go to a doctor to redetermine my "the extent of my deformity": so they could determine whether I could get health care or not. How it stings and stays with you, but the process os word toward an option.

How sentences are binding in terms of a system's great churning, consequence and getting low to get help/options. But sentences can be exploded, reworked, healed, revised through poetry...I am meditating on that now in preparation for meeting these women on their journeys.

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