Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DAMN Week on Disability at HSU

DAMN is a week of community coalition dedicated to issues of disability art, culture, and justice. Learn, listen, share, and build community from a variety of perspectives and discussion. Cookies will be provided by the College of Professional Studies, you supply the point of view!
Monday, Oct. 17 in Gist Hall 218 at 6:30pm
Film Screening and Discussion: “(Sex)-Abled: Disability Uncensored” — sex, lies, and wheel spokes
Tuesday, Oct. 18 in Gist Hall 218 at 6:30pm
Film Screening and Discussion: “When Billy Broke His Head” — a road trip through the disability rights movement
Wednesday, Oct. 19 in Gist Hall 218 at 6:30pm
Film Screening and Discussion: “Drive-In Movie” — made by and starring local disabled artists
Thursday, Oct. 20 on the 1st Floor of the JGC at 7pm
Film Screening and Discussion presented by NAKED for Mental Health: “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” — finding empowerment through art and the people around you
Friday, Oct. 21 in the Great Hall at 7pm
Disability Art and Music Night (DAMN)! featuring Denise Leto and Amber DiPietra the authors of WAVEFORMHCAR choir performance, campus and community open mic, and visual art exhibit
Want to share your art, or have questions about the event series? Email Elizabeth at erh60@humboldt.edu.
DAMN events are committed to event accessibility across multiple dimensions. If you have access questions or concerns, please contact Nancy.Resnick@humboldt.edu about arranging accommodations as soon as possible.

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