Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ambient notes #37: Non Major, Sacred, Susie Bright

Abby Crain posted the video of The Non Major Show at The Subterranean ArtHouse from last Saturday night. (All, a benefit for the Foxing It show--go see it at the Subterranean, 9/30-10/1.) 

Being around performance artists heals me and makes me more alive in a thousand ways. I want to get closer to that. Also, I want to non major everything in my life in a major way. I love this idea of non major. It is the idea for my year.

She set me up to do palmetry quietly in the corner, during intermission.Stroked strangers’ wrists. Met a girl just post- bicicleta, who is making decisions. tried to seal direction in. Then stole Buuck’s whiskey. Perfect, low key. High key. A male escort form Mendocino and a guy with an accordion stole my heart. “Come along again with me and breathe this way."

Woman for me is the maze of abortive experience deflecting me from the consummate nucleus—the unique affinity of whose existence no disappointments will ever be able to dissuade me. I went out to meet life open-handed with such good-will, without prejudice, without criticism—I scoured the streets—plunged into society—“touched pitch”—dissolved myself in amorous mysticism—yet, I have never been able to solve the problem of love.

AND, I just saw that Susie Bright is doing a show at the Victoria Theater this Saturday. I SO want to go, Susie has been a kind of hero of my summer.  Labor, Temansters and sex…

Among the cognoscenti, blue movies became historic. I was lucky to wander in, like Alice with a bottle of something blue and a label that said, “Eat Me.” I’m very glad I did. Unlike Alice, I never went back to being small.

I am screeching to a halt, still screeching, but getting something back underneath me. apparently, what I do best is “hide in my open-ness”.

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