Thursday, September 8, 2011

ambient notes #45a Non Major note that i now offer energy work sessions

which is hard for me to say. i need you to just know it, outside of the phrasal. because it is the way i crack open to people on the train, "hide your open-ness, open your hiddenness". thanks to Bhanu Kapil and the practicum she gave me on my sofa for 5 days, a ritual with orange Milanos and Cafe Bustelo. when i was not weeping or going with her and Anna to the cheeseburger shop. i now offer you palmetry. a kind of poesis localized to the palm. call it energy work if that makes sense to you. Sliding scale or trade. we can talk about it more. it has to stay non major. email me for details.

(the you. a whole  prepositional sea this summer, trying to swim back)

and i am offering free sessions at The Subterranean Arthouse this Saturday with these amazing performers. When I watch them it is like receiving a kind of bodywork.

Saturday, September 10 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm

The Subterranean Arthouse
2179 Bancroft Way Berkeley CA 94704 (between Shattuck and Fulton)
Berkeley, CA

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the NON-MAJOR SHOW is a benefit for Letting the Fox Go ( Art Workouts final performance installation) featuring un-performances by Ted Nesseth of the Heavenly States, Big Fat Circle, Keith Hennessy, paige starling sorvillo, Harold Burns, Sara Pritchard, Garrett Neudeck, and Asia Wong, palmetry readings by Amber di Pietra, original never before seen artwork by Monique Jenkinson, wine, a chance to win money, and more..

Luminaries from the Bay Area performance, writing, and music scenes have been asked to perform/ present something in an unfamiliar medium. Expect brave failures, rash undertakings, and brazen courageousness that may quite possibly amount to nothing.

$8-$15 no one turned away...

Abby Crain and Margit Galanter sometimes work through the alias ART WORKOUTS. Art Workouts is an ongoing dialogue/experiment between Margit, Abby, and whatever and whoever crosses our path. We engage with the world around us for artistic revelation and inspiration, culling what seems relevant, problematic, brilliant. We write reviews and manifestos. We interview ourselves and other interesting people. We get together and make art. We are primarily movers so the work deals a lot with the body, performance, and that mysterious assemblage, presence. We periodically arrange workshops so that we can meet and explore with groups of people. This is when the work starts to really hum. For more info:, and for Margit’s art projects:

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