Saturday, July 26, 2008

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the blink, Issue #2, Photos
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Excerpt from the Editor's Letter (Alexis Brayton),

I’ve noticed this about photographs: that my own memories get mixed up in that shoebox. I do not know, for example, if I actually remember that sunny morning on the porch of 8 Orchard Avenue-- small and confident and all packed for summer camp-- or if the memory has taken on its own flat life, born of a Polaroid.

I took a picture of my 5 year-old niece not too long ago with my 35mm and she immediately said, “Let me see it!” I had to explain that the image was in the film, and we could not look at it until the picture was developed. She looked at me sideways, like I was messing with her. These days we can take and retake and take and retake a picture until everyone’s hair looks perfect. It is alarmingly easy to amass enormous numbers of digital images. I miss the weight of ‘real’ photos but mostly what I miss is the patience they required and the space that was held for mystery while they were being developed. We had to make choices about which pictures were worthy of albums with a finite number of pages and--for those who move around a lot-- which were worthy of carrying with us.

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