Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the blink, Issue 2. Photostream

the blink: a zine of art and writing



Send us:

1. A photograph and
2. A reflection of that photograph.

The reflection can be very literal--a description or a hand-drawn copy of the photo. Or it can be a piece of writing or art inspired by the photo.

It is important that you feel the reflection stands on its own, independent of the source photo.

Please only use photographs we can re-print without fear of copy right infringement.

Collaborations and loose interpretations are welcome. Just submit please, and do it soon:

Email or post submissions by September 1st.
1460 Sutter #1San Francisco, CA 94109

Only a few copies of Issue I are left at Dog-Eared Books and City Lights. Get one soon! Also, catch a glimpse of Issue I here:

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