Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sex Worker Outreach Project Tampa Bay Area Chapter

Sex Worker Outreach Project 
Tampa Bay Area Chapter

First Meeting Nov 25 2013, 6pm

@ Genaro Coffee 1047 Central Ave St Pete FL

Join us for coffee, beer, wine, snacks, stories and brainstorming about community. This is a supportive group, not a group to rescue or stop anyone from doing sex work. We want to empower the sex worker population to advocate for sex workers' human, labor and civil rights This meeting is also being held in observation of Transgender Day of Remembrance­­a day to honor transgendered sex workers who have been victims of violence.

What is SwOP?
SWOP is a national network of sex workers (dancers, porn actors, escorts, etc) and allies of sex workers. www.swopusa.org

Who are we?
We are current or former sex workers, sex work researchers and friends who are starting a Tampa/St. Petersburg SWOP chapter. Our website will be up soon. We need your help in creating a more empowered community for sex workers. RSVP for our get-­together or just be in touch.

swoptampastpete@gmail.com, 727­280­6778 

Thanks, Genaro Coffee Co!


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